Customer Procedure Packs

RJ Healthcare is your reliable partner for Custom Procedure Pack.

By ordering a pack instead of separate surgical disposable products, you′ll save set-up time by getting all the products you need in one pack. You′ll also save money because you reduce packaging and services charges. With fewer items to open, there is also a reduced risk of contamination.

RJ Healthcare can provide Procedure Pack including, but not limited to Abdominal Packs, Basic Packs, Cardiovascular Packs, Laparoscopy Packs and Hip Packs…

RJ Healthcare can provide components more cost effective. We′re able to provide high quality components, yet the cost is still competitive in the market.

RJ Healthcare is keen to understand customer demand. The procedure pack can be customized by custom brand, specification and surgical need.

Once the pack is approved by customer, the component specification will not change without customer authorization.